What is the Disabled Parking Permit scheme?

The Disabled Parking Permit scheme was born out of a basic necessity to maintain independence for people with limited mobility. A person with a disability requires access to a disabled parking bay because of its size and access to amenities and facilities. An accessible parking bay is larger than the standard parking space to enable easier access to and from vehicles.

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What is the Irish Wheelchair Association's role in the scheme?

The Irish Wheelchair Association(IWA) issues Disabled Parking Permits on behalf of the Department of Transport.

What are the eligibility criteria to qualify for a Disabled Parking permit?

In order to qualify for a Parking Permit, you must have a permanent medical condition and a severe mobility problem. In 2010 a review of the scheme changed the focus of the qualifying criteria around an applicant’s mobility rather than their specific medical condition. In order to qualify for a Parking permit, you must comply with one of the following categories:

  • Be a Primary Medical certificate holder. [Note this is not the Medical card]
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  • Be registered Blind with the National Council of the Blind(NCBI) or certified blind by a GP, Ophthalmologist or Optician
  • Be certified by your GP or medical practitioner that you fall under the relevant criteria.

Are there disability conditions which do not qualify for the Disabled Parking permit?

Yes, under the qualifying criteria the individuals with the following categories of disabilities are not eligible for disabled parking permits:

  • People with Autism or intellectual disabilities whose mobility is not affected
  • Upper limb amputees

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