What are the eligibility criteria to qualify for a Disabled Parking permit?

In order to qualify for a Parking Permit, you must have a permanent medical condition and a severe mobility problem. In 2010 a review of the scheme changed the focus of the qualifying criteria around an applicant’s mobility rather than their specific medical condition.

How to Qualify for a permit

In order to apply for a Parking Permit, you must complete one of the following three options:

1 - Certified by your GP

Be certified by your GP or medical practitioner that you fall under the relevant criteria. You must bring the permit application form which is available on line to your GP for completion. To proceed with this option please APPLY NOW

2 - Be a Primary Medical Certificate holder

The Primary Medical Certificate is not the Medical Card and is only awarded to people with a very high level of disability. Primary Medical Cert Holders automatically qualify for a Disabled Parking permit. To apply for a Primary Medical Certificate please contact your Local Health Office(HSE). For further information, see Citizens Information website. If you are a Primary Medical Cert holder and you wish to proceed with this option please APPLY NOW

3 - Be certified Blind

Be certified blind by The National Council of the Blind (NCBI) a GP, Ophthalmologist or Optician. Applicants certified blind automatically qualify for a permit. Please note if you proceed with this option you will be required to return an application form certified by one of the following:

  • NCBI
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Optician
  • GP

If the applicant suffers from Sight Loss or Visual Impairment and wishes to proceed with this option please APPLY NOW

What applicants may not qualify?

To avoid any unnecessary disappointment please note that individuals with the following medical conditions may not qualify:

  • Those with Intellectual Disabilities or behavioural conditions whose mobility is not severely restricted
  • Those with temporary mobility problems or only upper limb difficulties whose mobility is not severely restricted

How to Apply for a Permit

You have two options to apply for a first time Parking Permit application form

Option A:

You can apply online. If you apply online you will receive the application form in a speedier manner.
To choose this option Click APPLY NOW

Option B:

You can contact our office on 045-893094 or email maats@iwa.ie